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CPCG for Lambeth has a long and distinguished history. It was one of the first CPCG’s to follow from the Scarman report into the Brixton disturbances in 1981, and has provided an important forum for consultation between the police and community in Lambeth.

Throughout it’s history it has made innovative interventions whose effects have gone well beyond Lambeth, from the Lessons from Tragedies report, through the first Firearms Amnesty, to the current work on Stop and Search. It has benefited from a diversity of talented and committed community activists and police officers working together to address issues of central importance to the well being of our communities.

The Group is the place where the community and police have the opportunity to share information and develop common understanding around serious issues of community safety and crime and disorder in the borough. It’s a relationship which is both supportive and challenging.

The Group’s monthly meetings, to which anyone may contribute, are probably the best known part of the Group’s work. They take place on the first Tuesday of each month (August excepted) starting at 6:00 pm. Traditionally, they have taken place in Brixton Town Hall but the Group is currently experimenting with holding some of the meetings in other parts of the borough to extend access and perspective.

These monthly meetings include a regular report from the Borough’s Commander and senior team as well as themed sessions of topics of concern (such as Hate Crime, Gun enabled crime, Stop and Search). The emphasis is always on allowing public input into borough wide issues but also to provide an ‘open door’, where particular incidents can be raised.

Ongoing issues are addressed in depth through working groups made up of community members and police officers. Current examples are the Stop and Search Sub-Group and the Mental Health Sub-Group (details here). These Sub-Groups aim primarily to influence policy and operations in the borough, to the benefit of our communities, but have also had pan-London impact.

CPCG provides community observers to specific operations, to police training programmes and more generally to day to day policing activity.

Please download the appropriate form, complete and return to us in hardcopy - the address is on the form.

Individual Membership Form  - anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough.

Community and Voluntary Membership Form - community and  voluntary groups.

Make sure you're happy with the Governing Documents, which Members are bound by, before signing the form. The Rules and Regulations in particular explain the different types of membership,  voting rights and so forth.

Any queries, please call us on 020 3638 3494 or email admin@lambethcpcg.org.uk

CPCG Membership

CPCG for Lambeth's membership can be downloaded here:

CPCG Membership

Constitutional Form and Governing Documents

The Community Police Consultative Group for Lambeth is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registration: 5623445). Its Governing Documents are:

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Rules and Regulations

Lambeth CPCG Standards

(Standards relating to behavior at meetings, Board behaviors and requirements and complaints procedures. Agreed at AGM, October 2011)

Amendment to Memorandum and Articles Paragraph 37

(Amendment from April 2010 Business Meeting relating to term of Chair)

Constitutional Change (July 2005)

Documents for historic reference only

Old Constitution

Presentation to July Meeting

Plain English Guide