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The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) has proposed to implement a new arrangement for local policing accountability and engagement. There will be a Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) in each London borough and MOPAC's aim is that these should be in place by 1 April 2014.After this MOPAC will cease to fund CPCG's across London.

There has been considerable debate about these proposals - some see this development as the burial of Lord Scarman's recommendations and all that flowed from them, others as a new opportunity to open up engagement especially at neighbourhood level.

Below are links to some materials to help you decide just which it is. They are in reverse time-order.

Extended Working Group - October 2014

At this meeting a 'Final ' Draft Terms of Reference were tabled by the MOPAC chair of the Extended Working Group.

MOPAC's 'Final' Revision of the Terms of Reference

Secretary's notes of the meeting

CPCG's subsequent response: Alternative Terms of Reference

Extended Working Group - July 2014
Prior to this meeting, the SNP Chairs circulated a revision to their own proposal for the SNB Terms of Reference.

SNP Chairs' Revised Terms of Reference

A document produced by Councillor Edbrooke, setting out some principles for the SNB was also circulated.

Statement of Principles

Documents provided by the Secretary after the meeting:

Notes of July meeting
Version 3 of Terms of Reference

CPCG's Response to Version 3 of the Terms of Reference

Extended Working Group - June 2014

Following the consultation, an 'Extended Working Group' was set up, chaired by an officer from the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime.

The membership of this working group was:

Lambeth Business Crime Reduction Partnership
CPCG Stop and Search Monitoring Group
Lambeth Independent Advisory Group
Lambeth Independent Custody Visitors
London Boroough of Lambeth (Cabinet Member and Delivery Director, Community Safety)
Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (Officials)
Lambeth MPS (Borough Commander)
Lambeth Neighbourhood Watch Association
Lambeth Safer Neighbourhood Panels Chairs Group
Victim Support
Lambeth Youth Council

Notes for the meeting were produced by a volunteer secretary, together with a revision to the Terms of Reference (ToR).

Notes of the Meeting
Version 2 Terms of Reference

CPCG's response was:

Response to June Meeting
Response to Version 2 Terms of Reference

Lambeth SNB Terms of Reference Consultation May 2014

Analysis of Consultation Responses by Lambeth Council Community Safety Division

Chief Supt Wood's and Cllr Hopkins' Consultation Paper

CPCG Response to Consulation Paper

Policing by Consent under Attack

Lambeth CPCG EGM December 2013

This meeting debated two proposals that have been put forward by for the form and function of an SNB in Lambeth - one from the CPCG, the other from the Lambeth Safer Neighbourhood Chairs Group.

Powerpoint Summary Comparison of the Proposals

Audio recording of the debate

Proposals in detail:

Lambeth CPCG Proposals for SNB Structure and Functions, December 2013

SNP Chairs Proposal for SNB Terms of Reference, December 2013

CPCG's Position Paper:

Position Paper: Sustaining Policing by Consent in Lambeth, June 2013